Benjamin S. Bones
Articulator of Family Skeletons

He's the man who can find the lost branches of your family tree. That's why you hired him.
The problem is... that while poking around in your genealogical closet, he just might discover all the things you DON'T want found, too. Maybe you'd better stop him.

Errant children, a trusted bigamist, the lost town of Tulip, Georgia, the reappearance of a missing twin, and a series of Ice Pick Murders... Now, how could all that relate to family genealogy?

Ben Bones and The Deadly Descendants


Ben Bones finds himself the target of his employer's paranoia,
but maybe he'll find Paneta's Crown after all, even if it is too late.
Ben Bones and The Search for Paneta's Crown


How about a wrecked Spanish treasure galleon,
a 400-year descendant genealogy, and a madman's greed to...
but that would give away the story, wouldn't it?
Ben Bones and The Galleon of Gold


A nice relaxing weekend for Ben
hobnobbing with other genealogists
at a genealogical convention in Asheville, NC
to learn some new techniques.
There's a $100,000 book contract up for grabs, and someone wants it badly enough to kill for it, as the first murder proves.
Oh, did I say "first" murder?
Ben Bones and The Conventional Murders

Maybe you'd prefer to read about the family of a Confederate soldier
that wants to find out about the pension he never received. Of course it's too late for that, but it's not too late to discover his treachery, to fight over his legacy, or for the descendant of his missing brother to show up, just to complicate the situation.
And Ben Bones is caught in the middle once again.
Ben Bones and The Uncivil War

A matched set of duelling pistols separated long ago and a collector who wants to reunite the guns.
Sounds like elements for a fascinating plot.
Ben Bones is hired to find the missing pistol.
What he finds
is more than he is looking for.
And then he's asked to be a second in a duel for the pistols... winner take all.
Ben Bones and The Twin Pistols

The possibilities are limitless, as you can imagine.