Ben Bones #2
The Search for Paneta's Crown





In which, the protagonist, one Benjamin S. Bones,
Genealogical Consultant and Articulator of Family Skeletons, is hired by the three Moschetto family siblings of Savannah, Georgia, to help them search family document archives for clues to the whereabouts of Paneta's Crown, a missing family heirloom of great antiquity.

The Moschettos are an old Italian immigrant family that has established itself in the USA as Fabbrica Moschetto, a legitimate small arms manufacturer with huge annual sales to governments around the world. They are a thoroughly modern family in many ways, except for the curious tradition of primogeniture, by which the eldest son inherits the Crown to hold in trust for the family. This is the cause of serious dissension among the siblings, as each is determined to get the Crown for himself.
Very determined!

That's the basic situation.
And, of course, Ben Bones is caught right in the middle of this family's antagonisms.

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