Ben Bones #1
Deadly Descendants


In which, the protagonist, one Benjamin S. Bones, Genealogical Consultant and Articulator of Family Skeletons, is hired to go to Rome, Georgia to help "the kids," Peter and Wendy Gaines, get some insight into their family history in their mother's mistaken hope that the insights provided might give them a sense of family identity and help them to straighten out their somewhat misguided lives.

Alas, it is not to be.

But Ben Bones is on the trail all right, and what he finds out isn't reassuring to either the alcoholic mother Amelia Cortez Gaines Ludlum, or her second husband Arthur Ludlum, who just happens to be her murdered husband's former business partner.

In fact... well, we can't tell you everything at this point, can we?
I mean, if we told you about the family murders,
the missing town of Tulip, GA, the hidden twin brother...
why, there'd be no need for you to buy the book or CD, would there?


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Gaines Family Genealogy